Build a Tower, Build a Team

When you advance into management in your career you will understand the importance of developing your own skills to achieve greater success. A vital part of being a manager is how you develop the employees you are responsible for and this can make your life easier if done properly. There are various examples of successful business owners and organizations and one of the common factors in their achievements is the strength of the team supporting them. If you have a staff that is highly motivated, the chances that the team will succeed and produce remarkable results is quite high.

The first step in having a very good team is to hire the right people for certain functions. It is vital that you have a clear concept of the kind of person you need and that you have exceptional interviewing skills. You must use your best judgment if you find someone who is skilled but doesn’t have the personality for the team. The last thing you want is someone who is disruptive, so evaluating what motivates a candidate and how they answer your questions is crucial in finding the right person.

It is a fact that training is crucial to making sure your workers have the right skills to carry out their duties and so this has to be planned carefully. Effective training can be achieved if you do a proper evaluation of each individual’s skill set. You’ll encounter people who need coaching in areas like people skills and others that maybe need more technically based training. The training will be helpful to everyone if you can personalize it so that it can address every person’s deficiencies.

If you take an interest in your workers as individuals, you will receive more commitment from them as a result. If you want to learn more about them on a more personal level, you might want to spend some time with them outside of work and show concern if they have any personal troubles. It is crucial that you not only provide good leadership but you also empathize with them if there are any personal difficulties.

It is vital that you praise your employees if they are doing well and always encourage them. If you could have a positive working environment for your workers, you can expect the results to be very good or excellent. If you find that a number of employees are not carrying their share of the load, then you need to talk about it with them tactfully and be clear of the expectations. When you’re fair but strong then your staff will respect you for your sincerity and understand that you would like them to be successful.

If you can get your workers functioning at the highest level then it will reflect highly on you.

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